A Glass Rosé at the Festival JUST ROSÉ in Sanary-Sur-Mer

One of the numerous glasses, which was given to the visitors for a tasting fee.

” Bienvenue ” at the Festival JUST ROSÉ

From  May 8th – 11th 2014, the city Sanary-Sur-Mer in Southern France was again fully under the influence of the color rosé.
45 minutes by car from Marseille, Sanary-Sur-Mer is situated directly at the sea shore.
There the international wine festival JUST ROSÉ took place for the second time.

60 exhibitors from the French regions of Provence, Languedoc, Beaujolais and the South- East of France presented their rosé wines.
This wine is enjoying a growing popularity.
Among others the following exhibitors were offering their wines this year:
Domaines Bunan, the Domaine Saint André de Figuière, the Domaine Château Mentone and the Domaine Ile des Embiez -Îles Paul Ricard.

2013, more than 10,000 people walked through the streets of Sanary-Sur-Mer which gave itself up to only one color for the four days.
During the festival, the entire harbor is a pedestrian zone and only features the color Rosé!
Due to the great success of 2013, double the number of visitors is expected this year.

A unique opportunity to enjoy sixty wineries with their fine wines, listening to various lectures on the vintage and the wines themselves.
Of course, the wines can be shopped on the spot.

Many bars and restaurants in Sanary-Sur-Mer are participating in the festival and offer either a happy hour or special Rosé menus.
In addition, there are varied entertainment program for children and adults.
Musical, artistic and athletic representations offer a large variety of entertainment for young and old.

France leads with 26% of the worldwide production of rosé wine. Together with Spain, Italy and the United States which represent 75 % of total world production.
Also, 75 % of the Provence wines have the color rosé.

Discover and enjoy the uniqueness of this festival in May 2016 and look forward to a time full of pleasure and the French “savoir-vivre”.

Cheers, à votre santé and Prost!

Sanary-Sur-Mer Festival JUST ROSÉ representatives Domaine Saint André de Figuière

The two pink bearded representatives of the Domaine André de Figuière

Festival JUST ROSÉ in Sanary-Sur-Mer 2014

The inscription of the tents at the festival JUST ROSÉ with the Church of Sanary-Sur-Mer