The Pearl of the Seychelles

Anse source d´argent, beach on la Digue

Anse source d´argent

La Digue is the most famous Seychelles island providing the scenery
for most of the pictures you might have seen on brochures and guide books.
But it is neither the biggest nor the easiest to reach.
The reason for its popularity lies in the beach Anse Source d’Argent,
which is the most famous beach of the Seychelles.

This beach can be seen as the perfect holiday destination with its white
sand and the characteristic granite rocks while the Indian Ocean glimmers
breathtakingly in all shades of blue.

Aldabra giant tortoise on La Digue

Aldabra giant tortoise

The island is ca. 5 km long and has an width of 3 km.
This is why a bicycle will be all you need to make your discoveries.
You could cross the island in less than one hour but you
wouldn’t even have seen a fraction of all the beauty.
The tropical climate and the isolated location
formed a rather unique wildlife.
There are wild orchids, different lillies, frangipani, hibiscus and
angel tern waiting for you to be discovered.

But keep in mind to take always your headlights with you,
as there are no lights on the streets
and collisions with Aldabra giant tortoise are not seldom.

Mit dem Fahrrad über La Digue

Take a bike to discover La Digue

If you feel like an adventure apart from the ordinary tourism you should definitely try a hike
around the southern cape of La Digue.
Best guided by a local who not only knows his way around
but will also show you the most amazing animals and plants.

The hike will start at the helicopter landing site and guide you along the Union Estate,
an ancient coco ­plantation.
Then you will continue crossing many small bays, sometimes on the beach side,
sometimes through the tropical forest. Besides all the terrific views you might have the chance to
see one of the last Paradise flycatchers crossing your way.

Reaching Anse Marron you might have a bit of time for relaxing before continuing your hike.
Try the natural pool that is build by a formation of granite rocks.

Of course this trip will not lack taste as you can try mangoes, papaya and passion fruit or a local
specialty called Samosa. After you have accomplished your way over, under and through rocks
you will finally reach Grand Anse. You should definitely try a fresh coconut from the local
beachbar while thinking about all the great views you had during your hike.

Blick von der Strandbar der Anse Marron

View from the beach bar Anse Marron

Mit dem Fahhrad unterwegs auf La Digue klein

Discover La Digue by bicycle

Incredible view on the Indian Ocean

Incredible view on the Indian Ocean