Two highlights on Sicily

Volcano Etna

Taormina and the volcano Etna

With 3345 m the volcano Etna is the hightest and most active volcano in the Mediterranean.
A ride with the cable car will bring you into an unreal lunar landscape on the mountain station La Montagnola on 2500 m.
For the further way up you can either take a bus or walk.
Once you arrive on the Torre del Filosofo you are at a height of 3000 m.
The remaining trail to the main crater must be walked.
And it is absolutely worth it!
Those who like it more active have the opportunity to hike the whole way. However appropriate equipment is requested.

Coastline of Siciliy

Taormina coastline

Sicily has 1000 km of coastline. There are many beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, e.g. the beach of Taormina (Giardini Naxos) and Siracuse (Fontane Bianchi).
Here are many ice cream parlors along the promenade, where you can taste the legendary Granita. It is offered in differrent flavours. Granita also Grantite is a frozen
Sicilian sweet dessert with a sorbet-like consistency.
Sicily is also famous for its extraordinary wines, almonds and olives.
Wineries such as Tenuta San Michele export their wines and olive oil worldwide.
There you can also enjoy a relaxed wine tasting and dinner.

Fior di Mandorla is a Sicilian style almond pastry produced since the 19th century.
The cuisine of Sicily is one of the oldest and most varied regional cuisine in Italy.
These include specialties such as Arancini- filled rice balls and Carnoli- a fried dough roll with a sweet cream filling.

In 1988 Luc Bessons famous movie “The big blue” was partly shot on Sicily. The Hotel San Domenico Palace Hotel located in Taormina got even more prominent.
Parts of the movie are shot there. Today it is one of Sicilys most popular hotels.

Hotel San Domenico in Taormina

Hotel San Domenico in Taormina

Since Catania is often used to land large cruise ships, a visit of Taormina is recommended in the afternoon or evening. You can enjoy the narrow streets and collect beautiful impressions.
Many cafés and restaurants invite you to linger.
A special highlight is the visit of the Teatro Greco, where events such as concerts or operas take place regularly.

If you would like to enjoy an excursions to a large city of Sicily, Catania is recommended.
You need to search a little for nice places, but if you have found them you don`t want to leave.
Enjoy the Piazza Duomo, the Monastero dei Benedettini and the Basilica of Cattedrale Sant Agata.

Piazza in Catania


On Sicily there is much more to discover and enjoy. This is just a small section.