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Direct contact:

Ramona Packert
Dömitzer Str. 13
12359 Berlin

Fon: +49 30 607 40 40
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Steuer-Nr: 74 901 288 352
USt-ID: 16/464/00841

You can find all information about data protection in the data protection area.

Exclusion of liability

Liability for content

All content on these pages was created with the greatest care and diligence. Nevertheless, no liability is assumed for content and media being accurate, up to date, or complete.
Pursuant to section 7, para. 1 of the German Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz , TMG), operators of websites are responsible for their own content.
However, under sections 8 et seq. TMG, service providers are not obligated to monitor external information, such as link destinations, or to analyse activities for whether they are unlawful.
To the extent there are obligations to remove or block access to information, these remain unaffected.
The possibility of liability from such obligations arises not earlier than the date on which knowledge is gained of a violation of rights.
If violations of rights through content on these pages become known, these pages, content, or links will be promptly removed.

Liability for links

This medium depends upon hyperlinks and content of other parties. However, providers have no influence on the content of external providers.
For this reason, I assume no liability whatsoever for such external content. The providers of content on pages linked to from these pages are always responsible for such content.
If a link is created to other pages, these link destinations are always verified. A page is linked to from my pages only if there is no discernible unlawful content whatsoever.
However, it neither possible nor reasonable to permanently control other content, particularly without specific indications or suspicions of a violation of law.

The possibility of liability from resulting obligations to delete links arises not earlier than the date on which knowledge is gained of a violation of rights.
If violations of rights through links to other pages become known, such links will be promptly removed.

Works subject to copyright protection

Content displayed on these pages is the intellectual property of Ramona Packert or of explicitly named authors, public domain, or out of copyright.
In any case, the author strives to expressly respect copyrights and, where appropriate, other rights. My own content is subject to German copyright law.
Accordingly, rights of reproduction, processing, dissemination, and exploitation reside with me or with the creators appearing here with me (authors, designers,
photographers, videographers, composers, etc.).

Any reproduction (copying, downloading, etc.), processing (incorporating a downloaded work into one’s own collages, modifying, etc.),
dissemination (making works available to third parties for download), or exploitation (offering on one’s own websites, selling, etc.)
requires the written approval of the creator. Exceptions: the acquisition of content or licences for this offering is dealt with in the GTC.

If, despite all care and diligence, you should notice copyright infringements on these pages, I request that you point this out.
Once I become aware of such infringements, I will immediately remove such content.

Brand names and trademarks

All brand and product names mentioned on these pages, as well as company logos, banners, letterings, etc.,
are the property of the respective owner.

This imprint adheres as well as possible to the requirements of an imprint duty. These contact data may in no event be used to transmit advertising or informational material
that has not been expressly requested. I consider this to be misuse and hereby expressly object to it. I expressly reserve the right to take legal steps in the event
that advertising information is sent to me unsolicited and unrequested.

Severability clause

If individual arrangements in this Exclusion of Liability prove to be ineffective or unenforceable, the effectiveness of all other arrangements remains unaffected.
The ineffective arrangements are then to be replaced by those arrangements prescribed by the legislature or, where possible, by one that by mutual agreement most closely
approximates the spirit of the ineffective arrangement.

Many thanks to the operators of the website eRecht24, whose structural guidelines helped me greatly.