General Terms and Conditions (GTC) 2014-05-31T21:55:33+00:00

The following General Terms and Conditions become a contractual component for transactions concluded with ConvenientTravel ( or ),
represented by its owner, Ramona Packert.
By using the website or and utilising the services of ConvenientTravel, you acknowledge that these GTC become a contractual component.

1. ConvenientTravel does not offer its own travel services but rather provides advice to potential travellers in choosing the operator, putting together individual travel components,
and sequencing the trip. In some cases, ConvenientTravel brokers to interested parties the travel services of other travel operators. On this basis, you are entitled to proper advice,
and from ConvenientTravel, solely to brokerage, but not to the brokered service. ConvenientTravel is not an operator and acts only as a broker.

2. ConvenientTravel enables you to make use of the advisory services and products offered on the website. However, no contract shall arise between you and ConvenientTravel for the travel,
travel services, or other services chosen by you. A contractual relationship of this sort comes about solely between you and the respective provider, in particular, hotel operators,
airline companies, cruise lines, insurance companies, rental car companies, or travel operators.

3. In exchange for the above-mentioned work, ConvenientTravel shall charge you a fee, for which the amount shall depend on the respective service and which will be disclosed
prior to completing the booking. The fee is due once ConvenientTravel has rendered its service, irrespective of whether the recommended travel services are actually booked.

4. Applicable in addition to these GTC are the general terms and conditions of the corresponding provider, in particular, hotel operators, airline companies, cruise lines,
insurance companies, rental car companies, or travel operators.

5. The liability of ConvenientTravel is precluded for the services offered by the respective providers. ConvenientTravel gives no guarantee for the brokered products and services.
The exclusion of liability does not apply where ConvenientTravel causes an injury to life or body through grossly negligent action or wilful misconduct.
Damage claims against ConvenientTravel shall cease to be valid one year after the date on which the injured party became aware of the triggering event.
In the event of negligent injury, liability is precluded for indirect damages, consequential damages from defects, lost profit, and unrealised savings.

6. Data provided to ConvenientTravel are used solely for contractual purposes and its fulfilment. Data are disclosed to third parties solely in connection with the agreed services,
insofar as such disclosure is necessary for carrying out bookings and orders. ConvenientTravel has no influence over the extent to which data are used by companies and providers
engaged to provide the service.

7. The contractual relationship concluded between you and ConvenientTravel is subject to German law.

8. The services purchased from ConvenientTravel may not be brokered or sold to third parties. Commercial use of the services is not permitted without the express
consent of ConvenientTravel.

9. If parts of these General Terms and Conditions are ineffective or violate applicable law, all other parts of the GTC remain effective and a contractual component.
The invalid part is to be replaced with corresponding, valid statutory arrangements. In the event of doubts with respect to the interpretation of the individual GTC,
the German version of the GTC shall prevail.