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Data protection

You can find the imprint in the Imprint area and further information about the operator of this site in the Operator portrait.

Parts of these websites can be used without providing personal data. Other parts require the provision of certain personal data, such as name, address, or email address, in order to process orders. In so doing, I always respect the principle of data economy.

Special aspects:

This website contains links to providers that deal in media developed by me. Please inform yourself about their data-protection arrangements prior to setting up an account or placing any order, and assure yourself that you are in agreement with the terms and conditions of these providers. Otherwise, you should by no means place an order with such providers. I have no influence over the procedures or standards of these companies. I am not liable, nor will I pay any sort of damages, for transactions, contracts, or products that arise or are traded between companies outside of my sphere of influence and their customers.

For the purposes of financing the work associated with this website, some sites receive so-called partner links or affiliate links. These involve hyperlinks that, for instance, lead to a provider whose product is mentioned in the relevant article. If as reader you were already intending to purchase a product from the mentioned provider and found the information published here to be helpful, you can express a small thank you as follows: Simply use the link on the relevant page to reach the provider. In the event that a purchase is made, I receive a small commission (usually one cent). If you use such a partner link to navigate from me to a link partner and register there, the link partner will know from the link that you came from this website.

Please note: Apart from this, data transmission over the Internet can be tracked by third parties, e.g. due to security gaps. Despite a variety of technical measures, it is impossible to seamlessly protect all data at all times.