Walk in the footsteps of Gaudi …

Barcelona can be discovered in quite different ways.

Barcelona Olympic harbour at sunset

For me, Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. A perfect blend of old and new.

Barcelona hosted the World Exposition in 1929 and was the venue for the 1992 Summer Olympics.
The city has a lot of different faces and it is fun to explore.

The classic way is a hop-on hop-off tour. Two very large loops are driven and you really see a lot of the greatest spots.
The public transport is the second option, there is a great subway and bus network.
On Top, Barcelona offers a tourist ticket, just like all major cities, with which you can pay a reduced price for different spots or even save the total entry fee.
However,  here it is essential to check what do you really want to see. On the Gaudi sights, there is only a reduction, on many state museums free admission.
Public transport is free with the ticket.

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid and has 1.6 million inhabitants.

What to discover?

Sagrada Familia von Gaudi in Barcelona

First of all some of Gaudi‘s sights:

    • Always worth seeing, the Sagrada Familia, because still under construction its view will change until 2026 again and again. In 2026 the 100th anniversary  of Gaudis death will be celebrated and until then the Sagrada is to be completed. The special feature is that the Sagrada was only further developed with Gaudi’s blueprints. Its construction began in 1882. The builder, however, died on 10 June 1926.
    • Gaudi’s second mentioned attraction is Park Güell. Outside of the center you can enjoy a nice and relaxed silence. A large part of the park is free for general public. Only for some parts of the park you will have to pay a fee.
    • The third place of interest is the House Battló.  It looks like a coral reef from the outside.
    • The Casa Milà is the last of the places I would like to mention. It was designed for the family Milà and declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO as the first building of the 20th century.

      Barcelona Park Guell

      Barcelona Park Guelll

In addition, there are many other attractions to discover.

First of all I would like to recommend two impressive buildings in the middle of the old town of Barcelona.
On the one hand the Santa Maria del Mar and on the other the Cathedral of Barcelona, ​​called La Seu.

The Santa Maria del Mar was built in the 14th century, consecrated in 1384. Ildefonso Falcone wrote his bestseller novel “Cathedral of the Sea” about the time.
He describes impressively the time during the construction.

The cathedral “La Seu” was completed in 1448, but always changed. Since 1913 it has been completed.

Kathedrale La Seu in Barcelona

It is dedicated to the martyr Santa Eulalia, the patron saint of Barcelona. Use the possibility to drive to the bell tower of the cathedral.
From there, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the well-preserved old town.
In the narrow streets there are numerous bars and restaurants and you get an idea of ​​life in that era.

To mention a few more of Barcelona’s countless sights: Plaza Catalonia, Arc de Triomf, the World Trade Center, Montjuic (the green lung of the city),
Fundació Miró (there are a lot of exceptional artifacts), Camp Nou for the soccer fans (the venue of FC Barcelona), the old and the Olympic port (Port Vell and Port Olímpic)
And finally the Museo nacional d`Art de Catalunya. Here you can find exhibits of the modern age, but also the Renaissance and the Baroque.
Gaudi, Valásquez and Titiano can be admired here. In addition, the square in front of the museum offers a fantastic view of the harbor and the city.

No matter what you choose, Barcelona is such a multi-faceted city right on the sea that everyone will find something to enjoy!

Plaza de Espana in Barcelona