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Traveling is my passion

Ramona_Packert_CEOMy name is Ramona Packert and I was born in Berlin.

Whether for business or pleasure- based on your needs, I will put together, with the utmost professional care, the right package for you.

I will use my organizational skills and my extensive travel experiences,
e.g. countries and regions like South Africa, Central America, United States, Indonesia, large parts of Europe and the Carribean, to serve you.

I hope I can inspire you to put yourself in my hands with the following information about me:

Since my earliest childhood, traveling has been my number one passion.
Travel in my own country, in foreign countries and exploring other cultures exert a great fascination for me.
Quickly it was clear to me that traveling and organizing would influence my career choice.

Since 1991 I have worked in the tourism industry and have received degrees as air traffic management assistant (1997) and an MBA in tourism (2007).

Through many years of service at the airport I collected a lot of experience in dealing with people of different cultures.

My experiences include organizing special flights in connection with events of culture and sports, as for example the 2006 Football World Cup, the 2009 World Athletics Championships,
German Football Association finals and concert tours of many orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

It is quite possible that I already checked you in, guided you as a VIP, accompanied you the the first class lounge or supervised the loading of your flight.

Of course I am avalaible for a personal interview at your disposal.

Just contact me!